Association Benefits

Offer your members more – at no cost to you

Cardivera offers discount programs to membership organizations such as associations, chambers of commerce, business-oriented honor societies, and other business-related membership organizations. There are also special discounts for Founding Associations (the first twenty associations) as detailed below.

The Cardivera Membership Programs include training, access to resources, expert interviews, and support services to help leaders, teams, and businesses reach higher levels of performance and ultimately  to help people enjoy their lives more. This is a value that your association can offer to benefit your members without costing you anything. In fact, it can also be a revenue source for you. 

See the different membership plans here to understand the value of the Cardivera TRIBE program to your organization and your members.

What your organization receives:

In addition to the benefits to your members, your organization will also receive the following:

  • One Tier 2 (Growth-Committed) Membership for your own use
  • Each member of your staff will have their own Tier 1 Membership for their personal and professional development
  • Plus:

We Provide You With

20% Income

For any additional Cardivera programs that your members purchase, there is a

20% income that your association can benefit from.

20% of Purchases by Your Members are Paid to Your Organization

For example, if a member purchases One-on-One Growth Coaching or joins our Global Mastermind Program, you will receive:

  • 20% of the price of the program
  • For a $1,000 training program, for example, your organization will receive $200

Cardivera Membership Payouts

Help your members save money on growth-oriented training and support so that your members and their companies can accelerate their growth, impact, and achievementYour members will thank you, and you’ll benefit along with them.

Discounts and Details

  • Tier 1 Price/Month TIER 1: GROWTH INTERESTED Wants some growth, but not sure what is required. Casual swimmers.
  • Tier 2 Price/Month TIER 2: GROWTH-COMMITTED Actively pursuing personal and business growth. Jumping in the deep end for maximum impact.

Standard Member Rates

  • $47
  • $97

Founding Member Rates

40%+ OFF
  • $27 (40% off)
  • $47 (50% off)

Association's Annual Income

  • $64.80/member 20% of $324 ($27 x 12)
  • $112.80/member 20% of $564 ($47 x 12)

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Have Your Cake...
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Who says you can’t offer benefits to members and benefit financially? We have worked with many membership organizations and understand the squeeze to increase demonstrable member value without adding costs. We’re on your side. And your member’s side.

We want to make working with Cardivera easy. We will provide all of the pre-written emails and marketing materials to help you promote the Cardivera program to your members so that they can grow themselves and their businesses – and give you credit for helping them get there.

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