The Cardivera TRIBE
Membership Program

Why Cardivera TRIBE?

We empower you to own your leadership and create an impact without waiting for position or permission. Lead where you are.

Who Is Cardivera TRIBE Membership For?

Cardivera TRIBE members are courageous leaders who…

  • Lead from their hearts
  • People trust and want to follow
  • Attract the best people
  • Build cultures that matter
  • Live lives of significance

What Is Cardivera TRIBE?

We’re here to enhance and accelerate your leadership growth. One of the key ways we do this is through our Cardivera TRIBE membership program. Below, you can see the learning and connection opportunities we offer as well as the two tiers of membership to fit the varied needs of our members. We welcome you to join us so that we can learn, collaborate, and grow together.

It all starts with a 3-month Growth Accelerator program that will grow your leadership, your impact, and your business.

Beyond that, our goal is to help you develop yourself and your leadership so that you can get these outcomes (and more):

  • Personal Leadership
    • Make a bigger intentional impact
    • Improve the quality of all of your relationships
    • Reduce stress, worry, and anxiety
    • Develop more confidence in your leadership
    • Improve your career advancement opportunities
  • Team/Organizational Leadership
    • Build a team and culture built on trust
    • Radically improve employee engagement
    • Grow a culture that makes you want to go to work

What's Included in Cardivera TRIBE Membership


3-Month Growth Accelerator Series

Both Tiers

This 3-month program is designed to help each member assess your current progress rapidly in all areas, laying the foundation for significant impact and growth. The Growth Accelerator Series will kick-off at the first of the month after you join the Cardivera Tribe. During this series, you will develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your leadership, and your growth path. These sessions will take place twice a month for three months for a total of six (6) sessions delivering a focused dose of leadership love.



Both Tiers - Varies by Level

We know that a key for growth is to assess where your starting point. Every Cardivera tribe member will have access to assessments to help you better understand yourself, your team and your business. It’s a great way to assess your strengths, clarify weaknesses and identify blind spots. Assessment tools will vary based upon your level of membership.


Membership Community Forum

Both Tiers

Ask and answer questions and discuss topics of interest to help you and your business grow. All while expanding your network with like-minded leaders. Online resource.

LEARN. Grow.

The CardiVault Online Training Library

Both Tiers

As a Cardivera member, you’ll have exclusive access to our online training library that adds to and deepens the Cardivera webinar trainings. Consider this your portal to the impact and growth tools and resources you need for more impact in your leadership, business and life.


Live Book of the Month Discussions

Tier 2 Only

Every month we’ll be reading and discussing a book focused on enhancing our members’ leadership impact. You’ll be able to be a part of this discussion and growth experience.


TED Talk Tuesdays

Tier 2 Only

Each month, members will suggest TED Talks for us to watch together and discuss live. This format allows us to learn together while we share our own perspectives and how we will apply it to your lives and leadership.


Thought Leader Thursdays

Tier 2 Only

One Thursday each month, we’ll bring you a guest thought leader who will share their stories and answer your questions about leadership and life. This is your chance to learn from people around the world who have honed their leadership and can help us grow from their experience.


Mastermind Mondays

Tier 2 Only

These no-commitment virtual mastermind session are your opportunity to ask questions, get input on issues or challenges, and support other members with their questions and issues. These facilitated sessions are a great opportunity for you to get the support you need to help enhance your Cardivera experience and your ongoing impact.


Live Training and Group Coaching

Tier 2 Only

Craig and Jeff and sometimes guests provide live training and group coaching each month. Our goal is to also allow you to ask questions and maybe even get on the hot seat. This is the primary new content delivery where we dig deeper into the core principles of Cardivera Leadership to help you grow faster.


Your Growth Sherpa

Tier 2 Only

This is a key part of the Cardivera secret sauce. Every Tier 2 Cardivera Tribe member will be assigned their personal growth sherpa – your guide alongside – to help you navigate through the Cardiverse and all its tools and resources. Like a climbing sherpa, your personal growth sherpa is here to help assure your success and greater impact.

Membership Pricing

To reach the top of your leadership goals, do you want to climb a ladder, or ride an elevator? That’s what the two membership tiers are like. Tier 2 Members will receive the most support, training, and development insights of the two tiers. You determine how fast you want to get where you’re growing.

  • Membership Plans

  • Founding Member Pricing

  • A 3-month program designed to help each member progress rapidly in all areas, laying the foundation for significant growth.3-Month Growth Accelerator Training Series
  • Assessments of various levels and parts of your businessAssessments
  • An online member forum for asking questions and dialoging about what’s on your mind. A great way to fill the void of being lonely at the top.Membership Community Forum
  • Tools and training that’s beyond the webinars each month.The CardiVault (Online Training Library):
    Personal, Leadership, and Team Growth
  • Each month we’ll discuss a book that we think will serve our members. Join the discussion and grow with us!Book of the Month Discussion – 1X/Month
  • We’ll pick a TED Talk each month and -LIVE- discuss its implications for our lives and leadership.TED Talk Tuesdays – 1X/Month
  • We will bring you experts from our network and beyond where you’ll have the ability to ask questions and interact.Thought Leader Thursdays – 1X/Month
  • Small, no-commitment virtual sessions to ask and answer questions that are top of mind.Mastermind Mondays – 2X/Month
  • This is the core learning that Tier 2 gets live. Craig, Jeff, and guests will discuss key leadership topics.Live Training and Group Coaching – 2X/Month
  • Total Annualized Value

  • $200-$600

  • $997

  • $47-$197

  • $497

  • $997

  • $97

  • $97

  • $597

  • $597

  • $2,397

  • TIER 1


  • Limited Time Offer

  • yes
  • Basic
  • yes
  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • $2,738

  • TIER 2


  • Limited Time Offer

  • yes
  • Premium
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • $6,973

*The reduced Founding Member Rate is available for a limited time.

The Cardivera TRIBE Membership value will grow bigger and better every year. And as the value increases, so will the price.

Register today and you’ll lock in your founding member rate for as long as you’re a member in good standing. That means you get rewarded with savings every single month just because you joined now instead of putting it off.

Want your team to grow together?

Cardivera also offers volume discounts for teams who want to grow together in the leadership and life skills. Click the button below to learn more about the additional savings offered through our multi-leader discount program.

part of an association or chamber?

Cardivera also offers programs for associations and membership organizations who want to offer Cardivera TRIBE memberships to their members. You get 20% of all purchases from your members – for life.