Why Cardivera?

Where have all the leaders gone?

That’s the question Cardivera founders Craig Mathews and Jeff Nischwitz ponder every day. In a world filled with lots of leader talk but much leadership impact, Cardivera was created to shrink the leadership gap and accelerate your impact.

In researching the available resources to help businesses and business leaders, Craig and Jeff found very few leadership development resources that are available to all leaders. Yes, there’s certainly no shortage of speakers, coaches and trainers who help grow leaders, teams and businesses – in fact, both Craig and Jeff have existing businesses that serve in this way – but most of these require significant investments of time and money.

Certainly, there are unlimited numbers of online platforms, tools and resources that focus on every element of sales and marketing, but there’s a palpable gap when it comes to resources to help grow leaders. That’s where Cardivera comes in – a leadership development ecosystem that helps grow teams, businesses and lives.

We also know that leadership is not about roles, titles and positions – it’s about committed people who have the opportunity every day to make a difference in their organization, their team, their family and their community. Leadership is not a business thing – it’s a life thing – and Cardivera exists to help our members grow a bigger business and a bigger life.

“Cardivera” is a combination of Greek and Latin that translates to true heart, and Craig and Jeff deeply believe that leadership is about the heart. The leader’s heart, which is why Cardivera believes that you can’t grow your business bigger than you. That’s why Cardivera’s four pillars start with personal growth:

And the underlying pillar for everything is the commitment to this foundation: People First businesses outperform other competitors and builds teams that will accelerate every business.

We also know that change requires disruption and that starts with leadership. And in order to disrupt yourself as a leader, you must explore new ideas, shift your perspectives and thinking, take risks, and implement innovative and proven approaches to growing yourself, your team, and your business – and that means more consistent outcomes and more IMPACT. This is the heart of the Cardivera mission.

Are you ready to amp up your impact? Are you willing to disrupt yourself in order the impact more? Are you committed to building an empowered team and a thriving business? Are you prepared to do what must be done to transform yourself and your business? If so, then we want you as part of the Cardivera Tribe!



(why we exist)

Cardivera exists to grow people and businesses so they can positively impact the world around them.


(what we will do to achieve our purpose)

Cardivera will deliver the most engaging, effective, and impactful leadership development and business growth offerings
– on the planet.


(what it looks like in the future we create)

Cardivera is the world’s best recognized and regarded business for developing leaders and
creating business success
– positively impacting the lives of
hundreds of millions of people
around the world.