Are You Ready to Become a
More Confident and
Trust-Worthy Leader?

...The kind of leader that others want to follow?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

But let us be clear: Everyone can and does lead. But not everyone does it intentionally. You can lead where you are – even if you don’t have a position of leadership – and without permission.

Most of the leaders we talk to want these things:

  • More confidence in themselves and their leadership
  • A more trusting work environment
  • Better quality relationships – at work and everywhere else
  • More impact – they want to live a life of meaning

And we know...

...You can't grow a life or business bigger than YOU.

If you’re not growing, your life/business probably aren’t either. That’s because what got you here won’t get you there. To expand our impact and our circumstances, we have to expand our thinking, our being, and our action.

And that’s what the Cardivera TRIBE membership is all about.

Partners in Growth

Wherever you are in your leadership journey, Cardivera is here to walk with you as you grow yourself and your impact.

Are you:

  • Committed to having more impact in your life and business?
  • Willing to push your comfort zone in order to become the leader you want to be in every part of your life?
  • Ready to tap into a whole other level of your personal and professional leadership?

If so, we want you as part of the Cardivera TRIBE of impactful leaders.

How Would You Measure Yourself
in the Cardivera Pillars of Growth?

There are four pillars of growth in the Cardivera Framework:

Personal Growth

Leaders often look outside of themselves to find the solutions to their challenges and the path to their opportunities. But leadership is about people and it all starts with YOU. If you want to build more trust, engage more people, and develop more followership, you have to be willing to take an honest look at yourself (and your leadership) and do the inside out work it takes to achieve your objectives.

Not only must you be committed to working on and growing yourself, but you must be open to change. A general desire to “get better” rarely yields any meaningful change. Cardivera knows that personal growth is a core ingredient for growing your leadership impact in every part of your life. We also know that meaningful change requires disruption, vulnerability and discomfort. Are you willing to “get naked” in your leadership?



Your mindset is a critical part of your growth. Carol Dweck says in her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success:

Why seek out the tried and true, instead of experiences that will stretch you?

We believe that you can’t grow a life or business bigger than you. And that there are several proven approaches to setting your mindset for leadership success:

  • You are a role model. Act like it.
  • Your life and career reflect your priorities.
  • You always have choices.
  • Trust matters more now than ever and leaders must be strong trust-builders
  • Perfection is a myth. Learn from failure and move on.
  • … and more

Ultimately, you can look at leadership as something you have to do or something you are honored to do. Make no mistake… leadership is a choice – including what kind of leader you choose to be.


When we look at leaders that people want to follow, we see people who lead from the heart. Heart-led leadership is not “soft.” It’s the hardest thing you can do.

It requires authenticity, vulnerability, trust, and genuinely caring about others.

Cardivera’s training and membership programs help you dig deeper than you ever have to understand what you truly want from life – for your benefit and theirs. We also show you how to be the kind of person who attracts others to help you create that reality.

Some may call this servant leadership. Others call it heart-based leadership. We call it People First.

The bottom line is that people everywhere are looking for leaders to follow, and followership is based upon trust. People trust and follow leaders who treat them with dignity and respect – who really “see” and value them – who have their back. Cardivera is committed to helping grow your heartset in order to grow your impact.




Separate studies by the Carnegie Foundation, Harvard University, and Stanford Research Center concluded that:

85% of job success comes from interpersonal skills, while only 15% of success comes from technical skills and knowledge.

Based on this understanding of what drives success… What skills do you want to develop?

The beauty of developing interpersonal skills is that they impact all of your relationships, not just work. The interpersonal skills that Cardivera teaches transcend position or role and allow you to be more impactful in all walks of life.

All success roads, unresolved obstacles, people issues, communication issues, and trust issues lead back to leadership. Organizations are first and foremost about people, and leadership is a people business.

We look forward to having you join the Cardivera TRIBE and being a part of a leadership revolution… a revolution designed to transform not only your business results, but also your life.


All success roads, all unresolved obstacles, all people issues, all communication issues and all trust issues lead back to leadership. We also know that organizations are first and foremost about people, and leadership is a people business. Even the best systems and processes in the world require people and those people require leadership.

We look forward to having you join the Cardivera Tribe and being a part of a leadership revolution… a revolution designed to transform not only your business results but also your life. Join us and experience the transformation you’ve been looking for that leads to impacting the world around you.

Cardivera can prepare you and your company to perform at the highest levels.

Our Ideal Members

We work with leaders who are committed to three things:

  1. Personal and business growth
  2. Creating more impact throughout their business and life
  3. Building a team and organization that makes a difference.

Cardivera exists to:

Grow people and organizations so that they can

positively impact the world around them.


Cardivera’s membership program allows you to engage with other leaders to grow together. Leadership can be scary and lonely – our membership offers a way to work with, share with, and learn from others. It’s a chance to discuss what’s on your mind while getting and giving leadership feedback. You’ve found your leadership tribe!

Training, Coaching,
and Other Programs

When you want the richest transformational experience, our live workshops and training experiences will help you reach your goals. But watch out because our events are hands-on energetic experiences that will challenge you as you meet other leaders in growth mode. We also offer individual coaching and a wide range of other programs to enhance and accelerate your leadership experience, growth and impact.


Listen to us each week to learn from other leaders and from Craig and Jeff as we explore ways to grow yourself, your team, your business, and your life.